MAOL ry: 

The Finnish Association for Teachers of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Informatics MAOL ry

Math and natural sciences are taught for an individual to achieve intellectual development as well as for the needs of job market. In particular, math education has a very long tradition, although the way of teaching has changed significantly over time.

The importance of math and sciences is of increasing weight as the use of scientific methods develop in many spheres of life. Math and natural sciences may also become hobbies to individuals. In particular, astronomy and math enthusiasts have reached significant scientific results.

The pages of MAOL (in Finnish) provide information and web links for pupils, students, enthusiasts and teachers. Most of the MAOL home pages are open to general public. There is an intranet section for the members of MAOL.



MAOL promotes

High-quality professional competence by providing up-to-date information and training for its members

Cooperation and networking with the math and science specialists and experts

The status of math and science teaching within the Finnish society

Well-being of teachers at work


MAOL offers


Local pedagogical club functions


Further education

Support material for education



MFKA-Publishing Ltd offers


Publication and sale of textbooks

Compilation books of the previous Matriculation Exams and solving suggestions by the National Matriculation Exam Board

Examination Services

Comprehensive school exams nationally

Course-related upper secondary / high school exams

Preliminary final exams

Grading recommendation guide for matriculation exams


Educational Supplies




MAOL ry: Rautatieläisenkatu 6, 00520 Helsinki, puh. 010 322 3160